Everyday Magic: Roses

Everyday Magic: Roses

Roses are powerful little babies with the power to transmute energies and soothe our mood. It has been cultivated for thousands of years, being used for medicine and fragrance and magic.

There is something intoxicating about a beautiful red rose. The deepness of bright red petals. The sweet, light fragrance that sweeps across and just floats. The sight and smell of a rose creates loving thoughts for the person experiencing its beauty. 

If you are creating a ritual to boost confidence especially related to attractiveness, roses help enhance inner beauty and removes doubts about appearance. In a home, rose is used to instill feelings of peace, happiness, and love in a home and helps cool down any hot heads or hot emotions. In meditation, rose scents can help the inhaler use their intuition to go inward and re-evaluate. 

Using Roses in Magic and Medicine:

Associated God/Goddess: Oshun
Planet: Venus
Element: Water
Influences: Love, peace, sex, beauty
Form: flowers, rosehips, oil, distillation

Medicinal Uses: 
Sore throat
Moisturizing skin astringent

Vibrational Uses:
Peace, happiness
Inner beauty
Lucid dreaming

Rose Spells & Recipes

Cool Home Spray​​​​​​​
Cools the energies of a home, especially before inviting guests in your home

Orange peels
Rose petals
Distilled water

Place petals & orange peels in a pot and cover the petals with water
Bring to a simmer, and cover for 20 minutes or until the roses lose their color
Strain out the roses and orange peels and funnel the water in a spray bottle
Spray around home to cool the energies of a home, or before inviting guests to your home

Rosy Intuition Tea
Encourages prolific dreams and visions

Rose petals
Gotu kola leaves
Mint leaves or chamomile flowers

Boil an infusion of rose petals, gotu kola leaves, and either mint or chamomile tea and let it steep
Strain out herbs and flowers, and enjoy with honey before bed

Rose Spell for Intuition 🌹 #witchtips #lovespell Magical flowers can help encourage a more loving, cool, and peaceful environment. It can even help with strengthening your intuition and introspection. #witchtips #plantmagic

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