Self Love Ritual Inspired by Oshun (OSHUNITA ritual STEP-BY-STEP)

Self Love Ritual Inspired by Oshun (OSHUNITA ritual STEP-BY-STEP)

Incorporating self-love rituals regularly can help boost your confidence and lets your inner goddess glow. And the current Venus Retrograde in Scorpio energy everyone is feeling calls for some old-fashioned goddess glow-up. This self-love Ritual is perfect for any long, lovely self care Sunday afternoon. And, it’s inspired by one of the most enchanting spirits - Oshun.


Oshun is the Yoruba orisha (spirit, deity, or goddess) of fresh waters, love, and divination. She is often pictured admiring herself in a mirror. Because of her undeniable sex appeal, many see her self admiration as vain, vapid, or shallow. 

Au contraire. 

There’s an endless power in self-love and self-reflection. Self-love is never being afraid of seeing yourself and admiring yourself. Respecting your worth. Understanding ourselves. Forgiving ourselves. Improving ourselves. 

Oshun teaches us that there is magic in loving and admiring yourself. Oshun shows us there is magic in self-confidence. Oshun wants us to know the magic in looking in the mirror.

Oshun has always been the Orisha I go to for support and help with self-love. Self admiration and love has always been something I struggled with; however, Oshun has tools that have helped me be sweeter to my reflection and strengthen my confidence.

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Introducing OSHUNITA, the self love ritual & ritual kit

Oshunita is a pre-curated self care ritual & ritual kit inspired by the Yoruba Orisha Oshun. Oshunita is designed to boost your confidence and attract more love and sweetness into your life. 

This self love ritual kit is a multisensory experience - stimulating your sense of touch with the warm bath, scent with the sweet and spicy anointing body oil, sight with flickering single-use, tea light candles, taste with addictively sweet honey, and sound with golden ring of a 3-inch tall brass altar bell. 

I created Oshunita at a time I needed it most. I gathered ingredients that embodied the sweet, confident, and loving energy of Oshun.

Some of the ingredients included in the self love ritual are:

Self Love Ritual Ingredients

Yarrow is an herb used for courage in the Oshun ritual kit

- She needs light to germinate
- She grows in thick clumps, and is resistant to drought
- She brings courage and confidence to the Oshunita Ritual

Orange and bergamot bring happiness in Oshunita
- They are bright and invigorating citrus fruits
- They lift sadness
- They help attract love and boost confidence in the Oshunita Ritual

- She loves full sun
- She soothes and beautifies the skin (and is anti-fungal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic)
- She brings admiration and respect to the Oshunita Ritual

Cinnamon and Cardamom on Ritual and Vibe

- They are sweet spices and mood enhancers
- They draw in love to the Oshunita Ritual

- She brings sweetness and attraction to the Oshunita Ritual

All of these ingredients (and several more magical ingredients) work together to help create a vibration of love all around you, so you carry yourself with more sweetness and more confidence.

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How To: Oshunita Self Love Ritual 

This self care ritual is all about giving yourself the time you need to release and renew. Take your precious time with this ritual. You are making a new type of love to yourself. You are igniting a golden fire inside of you. Make time to make this special.

You can download the full ritual here. 

1) BATH RITUAL: Using the Herbal Bath

SHOP - Oshunita Herbal Bath, 8oz

SHOP - Milk & Honey Spiritual Bath, 8oz

Soak away self-doubt, stress, and energies that block loving energy from your vibration with this sweet herbal bath. Powered by powerful herbs and nourishing flowers, this herbal bath tea is designed to boost your confidence and self esteem while you self care like a goddess.

  • Set the mood for ceremony. Play relaxing music and light candles in the bathroom. Burn incense if you’d like.
  • Add a half cup of the herbal bath to 4-6 cups of hot water, and allow the herbs to infuse for at least 20 minutes.
  • Draw a bath, and strain the infused tea directly in the drawn bath.
  • Soak while affirming self love.

2) ANOINTING RITUAL: Using the Anointing Oil

SHOP - Oshunita Anointing Oil, 8oz

  • Apply this luxurious anointing oil to the entire body after soaking in the OSHUNITA bath tea blend.
  • While massaging yourself, repeat the anointing affirmation provided in the full ritual kit or any other affirmation you would like to affirm with the oil.


  • In front of your mirror, recite mantras from the provided mantra card in the ritual kit. Recite all or the ones you need the most. Repeat as needed. 

The OSHUNITA ritual is a source of renewal. It was made for women and men who may want to introduce more loving vibrations in their lives - whether they want a boost in self esteem and confidence or want to attract more love in your life. This ritual is designed to pamper, beautify, and fortify you for love, confidence, and sweetness unparalleled. 

Order the full ritual here, or download the ritual book, or head to the shop to pick and choose the self care tools you'd like to order!

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