Oya: The Orisha of Transformation

Oya: The Orisha of Transformation

I found this in my notes, and felt inclined to shared after a beautiful sister asked about Iya the other day. I wrote this many years ago, possibly connecting to someone over email about this beautiful Orisha, OYA. Enjoy!

“Oya is such a powerful force, and I am lucky to have her watch over me the way that she does. The woman who initiated me was crowned Oya, and Oya has claimed me as her child, even though Obatala is my mother who claimed my head.

Recho Omondo,

“But if you have a connection with her, it is for a reason. A good reason. She is a beautiful, protective, loving strong spirit, who fights for ALL of us. A warrior who is on the battlefield alongside Chango, who ensures success in business, she has saved me from iku (death) many times, and will continue to do so until my time on this plane ends. The road of Obatala I have made is called Eleforo -- is the Obatala of Oya, and is said to live in whirlwinds.

“One great way to work with Oya is through working with your ancestors, bc of her connection with death and the dead. If you want to have a small altar for her, you can offer her 9 pennies, a colorful windmill, and chocolate pudding. She likes maroon, dark purple, and chocolate colored cloths. One of my favorite Oya cleanings is going outside on a windy day, sticking my arms out, and let her clean any bad energy off of me with the wind. If it's not windy, I stick my arms out and spin, and let the wind that gathers through my movement cleanse me.”

 Ashé younger Naima! 

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I enjoy that excerpt about Oya would love to have more recommendations to read about Orisha

Marcia Wattley

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