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Oshunita - Self Love Orisha Oshun Ritual Kit

Oshunita - Self Love Orisha Oshun Ritual Kit

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Stop falling and ride into love with yourself with this Self Love Ritual eBook & Ritual Kit. 

This OSHUNITA Ritual is designed to help you create that magic within yourself by supporting healthy confidence and self love needed to attract and manifest like a goddess.

Each kit comes with the eBook. Learn more about the eBook here.


Included in Just eBook:

Step-by-step Oshunita Ritual you can do at home with simple ingredients you already have in your kitchen. Includes bonus recipes or "spells" to use to help embody this energy on a daily basis.

Included in all kits, or can be purchased individually. 

Learn more about the eBook here.

You'll Discover:

  • How to connect with the Oshun energy & ignite Your Inner Goddess
  • When, where, and how to prepare a self love ritual with step by step instructions using simple, everyday ingredients
  • How to create your own manifestation & attraction oils, baths, and teas
  • Herbs & tools to use in your everyday life to attract more into your life
  • Bonus attraction "spells" that you can use as needed
Included in Full Pre-made Oshunita Ritual Kit:
Included in Sample Oshunita Ritual Kit:
Key Ingredients:
  • The yarrow, holy basil, and clove support confidence
  • The honey, orange, and marjoram offer sweetness
  • Pink roses and crushed cardamom bring love

OSHUNITA is a pre-curated self care ritual ebook & ritual kit designed to boost your confidence and attract more love and sweetness into your life. Inspired by Yoruba Orisha, Oshun - the "godess" or essence and spirit of love and beauty, confidence, life, and self esteem, Oshunita is powered with some of the herbs, fruits, and scents that Oshun finds sacred. Oshun means Source or Spring in the Yoruba language, and she is known for her intelligence and charm. 

Invoke Her essence inside of you with this powerful ritual. 

This self love ritual kit is a multisensory experience - stimulating your sense of touch with the warm bath, scent with the sweet and spicy anointing body oil, sight with flickering single-use, tea light candles, taste with addictively sweet honey, and sound with golden ring of a 3-inch tall brass altar bell. 



    by Ritual+Vibe | Spiritually Charged Self Care




    Oshun Self Love Ritual

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