Using Technology to Support Meditation Practice

Using Technology to Support Meditation Practice

I come from the school of simple and natural is better. But let's be honest. I'm a millennial. I was raised around a lot of technology and I am constantly surrounded by it. I'm mesmerized by innovative technology and how technology works to make our lives better. But can technology super-charge our spiritual journey?

In this "Using Technology in Spiritual Journey" series, I aim to explore different aspects of using technology to expand our consciousness and support our spiritual journey.

Let's talk meditation first. 

Meditation is a powerful exercise of mindfulness and concentration that can help you strengthen your mind, improve emotional well-being, and connect to your higher self and spiritual body.

But it's hard.

If I had a dollar for every excuse I had to not meditate, I'd clone a yogi version of myself and connect my brain to hers. Sometimes it's hard to concentrate, especially after a long time of not meditating. Sometimes it's hard to know if I'm doing it right. Sometimes it's just hard to meditate. 

Which is silly. Meditating is one of the simplest way to rapidly improve your life, but sometimes it is so hard to make the time to find the discipline, and set aside time to sit and focus.

Can technology make meditation easier? Here are some apps and gadgets that could assist in maintaining a enhanced and more disciplined meditation practice.



Technology Tools for Meditation

Self Healing Courses & eBooks

I launched a free, wonderful self healing course that is online! Even though this is a totally digital course, it gives you tips on exactly how to cleanse, strengthen, & fortify your body using the 5 senses! Each class is sent via email, and we will explore rituals you can implement immediately to heal the body, mind, & soul. While enrollment is currently closed, I will be opening up again soon! eBooks are another great way to learn new information that you can use in your meditation practice. My newest Oshunita ebook provides a step-by-step ritual on self love that includes a lot of meditation, affirmations, and more!

Oshun Self Love Ritual

Download the Oshunita Self Love Ritual Book

Stop, Breathe, and Think App

If you're new to meditation, guided meditation is sure-fire way to support your meditation practice. Stop, Breathe, and Think App is a "simple, fun and free mindfulness and compassion building tool, available for iOS, Android and Web." It works like this. You'll first check into your mood. Are you uneasy? Disappointed? Excited? Satisfied? Neutral? Checking in with your mood is an important tenet of mindfulness, and Stop, Breathe, and Think makes it easy to be a daily habit. After checking in, Stop, Breathe, and Think will suggest a guided meditation that will help with your current mood. Many of the meditations are from 3 to 10 minutes, so you can find time to meditate in the morning before getting ready for the day. 

Learn more here:

Muse: the brain sensing headband

If you find yourself uncertain that you're meditating right (and you have $250 to spend on self-help tech gadgets), Muse is your thing. Muse is a brain sensing headband that claims to elevate your meditation experience by reading your brain waves and curating a meditation experience based on the real-time state of your brain. After meditation, you can review a report that gives you feedback on exactly what is happening in your brain during your meditation session. Pretty cool, huh? It's also designed to help you form the habit of meditating regularly with motivational challenges and rewards. 

Learn more here:


If meditation bores you and you're into virtual reality, Lumen delivers a beautiful meditation experience via virtual reality. Check it:

According to Lumen, "the experience is a self-guided, nonlinear meditation rooted at the intersection of virtual reality and wellness." When using Lumen, you are "surrounded by mountains and a night's sky aurora display" and create a beautiful, mystical forest with your gaze. Lumen can be used with an HTC Vive Headset.

Learn more:

Obviously, you don't need any tech gadgets to meditate, but technology is heavily entangled in our lives. If you want to enhance your meditation or if you need more support in creating a habit of meditation, technology can be a helpful tool.

What are some apps, tech tools, and IoT gadgets you use in your meditation practice? 




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