2018 Holiday Gift Guide for the Beautiful, Black Mystic in Your Life

2018 Holiday Gift Guide for the Beautiful, Black Mystic in Your Life

Over the past few years, I've made it a point to get at least 75% of my gifts from small businesses run by either black entrepreneurs or women of color. While supporting my community is very important to me, I've found that gifts from black-owned or woman-of-color-owned business get used and have been cherished so much more than other gifts I've gotten for loved ones in the past. 

From perfect cloth chokers, to ornate travel bags, or even glowy highlight - each of these gifts from black woman brands always seem to get regular use and wear after months and years. I wanted to bring this wonderful tradition of supporting black woman brands this holiday to Ritual+Vibe.

Welcome to our first annual Holiday Gift Guide - is a list of some of my favorite items from beautiful, melanin-rich woman-owned brands that will delight the beautiful black mystic in your life this Holiday season.

Ooh, and let's do a scavenger hunt. There are three female, Omo Changos in this list and (at least) three fire signs in this list. Can you spot them all? 

For the horoscope lover: 

Zodiac Prints from the Mylo Project

Paula the Pisces, $15.00
Lady of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, $20

The Mylo Project is run by one of my favorite renaissance woman - artist, graphic designer, stylist, writer, and muse - and close friend Mylo. The beautiful prints from her A Queen, A Constellation line are perfect for your resident horoscope reader with more than one birth chart app on her phone. Mylo also offers gorgeous illustrations inspired by the ladies of the Divine Nine.


A cosmic life manual
 by Mecca Woods

"A cosmic manual Astrology for Happiness and Success" by Mecca Woods
Image Source

"Astrology for Happiness and Success" by Mecca Woods is the long-awaited book from the very popular and beautiful astrologer who you've probably seen anywhere from Essence to Refinery29 to Tarot.com to name a few. This "cosmic manual" as she calls it, offers advice on how to live a more successful life based on your astrological sign. Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, this stocking stuffer will be a resource your friends and family will continue to go back to. Must have!

For the skin-obsessed: 

The perfect body butter by Really Good Butter

Simple Shea by Really Good Butter, $12.00 for 8 ounces
Image Source

"Simple is definitely an understatement." This is one of my favorite black girl brands of 2018. This butter is so silky smooth and nourishing to the skin, you will feel like velvet after a good rubdown. A must-have for the colder months. I mix a few drops of my Oshunita anointing oil to mine and go to town. Turns you into velvet every time. 10 outta 10. Oh, and I heard she's releasing a brand new butter VERY soon. Keep your eye out on this new, local Atlanta brand by following her on Instagram @reallygoodbutter. 

The inside-out glow by Soulbliss

Soulbliss Clear Skin Tea, $15
Image Source

This gorgeous tea blend has a light, floral taste and includes skin beautifying calendula and rose for skin that glows from within. Keep the glow going with moisturizing with a Nourishing Body Oil by Soulbliss. The shop is FILLED with handcrafted goodies filled with love, and designed for the body, inside and out, so fill your basket with these self care essentials.


A bundled facial by Hippie Panther Apothecary

Hippie Panther Apothecary, Hippie Bundle $88 

I can’t wait to try this brand soon! Hippie Panther Apothecary creates handmade, crystal, and reiki infused skin care products to balance the skin and spirit. This Hippie Bundle has everything you need to pamper your skin - an oil cleanser, face polish, toner, serum, and clay mask. New season, new glow? I think so.

For the self-care goddess: 

The ultimate self-love ritual by Ritual+Vibe

OSHUNITA by Ritual+Vibe, $77

OSHUNITA is a self-care ritual designed to boost confidence and increase self-love. It's filled to the brim, unlike most ritual kits, and offers multisensory stimulation for the ultimate pamper day. The kit includes an herbal bath, a full body anointing oil, honey, a golden bell, candles, an altar/affirmation card, and instructions.  It’s decadent, indulgent, and the perfect gift for the goddess that needs a pamper day.

The affirmation mirror by Rayo and Honey

reflect Mirrors, $150

This beautiful piece is the perfect way to make mirror affirmations a regular ritual. The creator of this mirror says "Our reflection connects our internal self to the external person who others see & sometimes leads to summoning negative opinions of who we see." Choose between two powerful affirmations: "You Are Enough" or "Believe In Who You See," and see your reflection soften in front of your eyes. This mirror (and mirror work in general) go hand in hand with the OSHUNITA ritual.

For the meditative mamis & baby brujas:

The melanated tarot deck by Dust II Onyx

Dust II Onyx (2nd Edition), $74.95
Gold Two-Side Tote, $34.95 - $63.95

From the creator: "Dust II Onyx, 2nd Edition s a deck created by multimedia artist Courtney Alexander. The cards feature 78 mixed media collage paintings accented with metallic and holographic foils, featuring cultural myths, symbolism, history, and icons within the Black Diaspora." These cards are STUNNINGLY gorgeous and are the perfect addition to any altar or collection. She also has some badass totes and notebooks that build upon motifs and art designs from the deck. 

The essential smudge kit by Hell Notes for Beauty

Smudge Kit, $25.00
Frankincense & Myrrh, $22.00

Hell Notes for Beauty is hands down one of my favorite blogs, shops, and Instagrams, and was an early inspiration for Ritual+Vibe. The owner of this shop is spiritual, knowledgeable, and beautiful, and is the third Omo Chango business owner (I believe) featured in this list. Chango's kids are always on point, with words that resonate and move audiences and end products that are quality and luxurious. Frankincense & Myrrh are two of the gifts brought to baby Jesus by the 3 Kings, and this ancient blend is both grounding and enlightening, perfect for meditation or a general energy cleanse. Her shop is filled with magical goodies, amulets, herbs, and more!

To the wonderful ladies featured in this post, I love you ALL and I am so proud of you for all of the beautiful work you do! 

What are some of your favorite picks from this gift guide? Which are you picking up for your family and friends? 

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