2019 Springtime Rituals for Welcoming New Energy

2019 Springtime Rituals for Welcoming New Energy

Finally! The sun is out! Child...

This Cali turned Georgia girl was not gonna make it much longer in the cold, but we here. We made it. Things are finally warming up and budding all around Georgia. I can even get away with a little arm showing here and there. AND this ridiculous Pisces Mercury Rx is almost over? Oh, I’m about to turn up...

As we enter Spring Equinox, here are a few simple rituals you can do to embrace this magical season of renewal.


Match the suns energy and wake up earlier. Don’t make that noise, I promise it is worth it. Spend time in the early morning praying, completing personal rituals, or even preparing for the day. Welcome and watch the the sun rise, and salute the rising sun. Go for a run in the morning, or try a yoga sun salutation routine. Later in the day, go outside and enjoy some sunlight, even if it’s still a bit chilly out. Celebrate the sun in ways that resonate with you. Welcoming the sun is a beautiful springtime habit that shows you are in tune with the changing nature of...well, nature. Find ways to incorporate your family in your outside and sun saluting activities. Everyone could use a healthy dose of Vitamin D these days, so try to get at least 10 minutes of unfiltered sunlight when possible.




We must make room for the blessing showering down on us. We must clear out so we can allow new in. This is probably my favorite thing to do in spring outside of enjoying the sun - cleaning.  Jumpstart your system by detoxing the body, cleaning the home, and refreshing the spirit during this time.

For me, I started a parasite cleanse a few weeks ago (phase one from LetsBeVegan - phase two from SoulBliss) and baybaaay. It hasn’t been easy, but the results are worth it. I have also been heavily reducing my media consumption (including Netflix and social media) and feel a lot more sane because of it lol.

Luckily, I am moving, so doing a massive deep clean and removal in the house is necessary. I did a Ghetto Marie Kondo and WOW! I don’t wear literally 50% of my closet. I was honestly surprised at some of the things I was hanging on to. It felt good to drop off huge bags of clothes to Goodwill.

Energetically cleaning my new space with intention, This The Life Incense blend, and cool water is also a major key. Spiritually cleaning, just like physically cleaning, is important.


Here is a list of some herbs that are great for detoxifying the body. Though this is not an exhaustive list, it’s a great list to use as a reference for building your own detox tonic.

Spring Detox Herbs

This is not an exhaustive list of all the herbs in the world that can detox the body, but these are some great ones to incorporate in your diet — especially if you live in the States.

  • Angelica root or Don Quai (liver, skin, digestive)
  • Bladderwrack (blood)
  • Blue vervain (liver, kidney)
  • Boneset (lungs)
  • Burdock root (skin, blood, total body)
  • Casara Sagrada (liver, colon)
  • Chickweed (lymph, colon)
  • Cleavers (lymph, kidneys, skin, lungs)
  • Dandelion leaf (kidneys, gallbladder) Dandelion root (liver)
  • Horsetail (kidneys, liver, skin, heavy metals)
  • Lemon balm (digestion)
  • Marshmallow root (lung, digestion)
  • Milk thistle (liver, gallbladder)
  • Mullein (lungs)
  • Nettles (kidneys, liver, blood)
  • Neem (blood)
  • Pau d’arco (blood, parasites)
  • Plantain (skin, lungs, antiseptic)
  • Red clover (blood, lymph)
  • Sassafras (kidneys)
  • Yarrow (liver, gallbladder, blood)

And if you don’t have experience creating your own teas and tonic blends, I definitely recommend a pre-made detox. One of my favorites can’t be purchased online right now, but I have really been enjoying the SoulBliss Teatox!  not trying to be a tonic mixologist, because I do recommend you read a couple of books before herbal tea testing if you’ve never done it before - I recommend Love Soul Bliss Teatox.


Spring - the season of rebirthing and renewal - requires you to be open. Invite new energies with open arms. You must be open to plant something new. You must be open to birth something new. Open your windows and doors to let fresh air circulate in the open. Welcome good energies with wind chimes, light-reflecting crystals, and windmills. Keep the energy around you open to receive.

Invite friends over (I am having something on Easter Sunday for my Atlanta family! If you are free, let me know and I can send you an invite), and welcome them with open arms. Meditate and invite new ideas with open arms and active support behind these ideas. Be open for all that is about to come your way this year!


Reflection: What does rebirth mean to you in this season if your life? How do you wish to bloom? Ask: what does rebirth mean to you right now? How do you wish to bloom?

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