Happy Birthday, Aries! How are your close friends celebrating you for your birthday? Send them a couple of these gift ideas that are sure to keep success and blessings showering you.


Featured Birthday Gifts for Aries: 

ARIES Body Mist, a refreshing blend of grounding frankincense and mind-sharpening peppermint & rosemary to keep you focused while you continue to knock out another goal from your checklist. 

5-flower Dead Sea Salt Soak, welcome in the new year with this beautiful blend of oils, Dead Sea salt, and botanicals to restore, balance, and lift the spirit. brush away feelings of self doubt, while looking damn fine while doing it. These earrings have a gorgeous malachite stone in them - a stone known for cleaning, healing, and transformation.

Abundance Crystal Set. Keep this set of abundance attracting stones (bloodstone, tiger eye, citrine, and aventurine) on your desk while working to keep the good vibes coming. The focus is all on you this birthday. Treat every bit of you with sacred self touch with this warming full-body anointing oil. 

Zodiac Playlist & Birthday Reading for Aries: 

Enjoy an upbeat playlist (& reading) that admires your fiery charm and celebrates another year of blessings on blessings on blessings. And maybe a few lessons here and there.  

Aries, baby, you are on FIRE right now. Damn...

I mean, you are manifesting things left and right like no ones business right now. You have tangible proof of the power of your diligence. & because you are not a stranger to sharing your blessings, more abundance keeps flowing your way. The floodgates are opening even wider for you, and you are at the front of a long line because the powers that be know that you can handle it.

Your fire is a part of your charm & power, but be careful to lose your cool too hastily right now. Give yourself time to take a step back and detach if you need to. Of course, you don’t owe everyone different parts of you. But reflect: where can you be more patient with people? Think on the past few months, and reflect where you’ve given up on someone a bit too fast.

You don’t need anyone to change you, but you can’t force anyone else to change for you either. What are some patterns you notice in your interactions? Where do you need to redirect some of your energy? You are still you, even with some tweaks & compromising.

Remember a little patience can take you from an unfocused wildfire to a powerful ball of energy that will take your life to another level. Don’t take patience and understanding for granted right now.

The energy is real right now. With you bringing in the new year with a beautiful full moon and your fiery spirit, a lot more blessings are showering down for you.

If you haven’t celebrated your successes in the last few months, DO THAT SOON! Celebrate, rejoice, go out and get cute. You have been waiting for this version of yourself. You are a reason to celebrate.

Cheers to a sweet, beautiful 2019. Thank you for welcoming in these powerful energies, love. We are following your lead!

Happy birthday, Aries! Enjoy your birthday inspired playlist below. 



Happy Birthday, Aries! 


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