Best At-Home Saunas at Every Price Point

Best At-Home Saunas at Every Price Point

Best At-Home Saunas at Every Price

One of my favorite self care hacks is hitting the sauna at the gym! The only thing is… I sometimes don’t want to gym! Hey.. don't scoff like that, I can’t be the only one!

So, I am on the hunt for the best at-home saunas for different price points, to see what might be a good option for me when I want to sauna without the gym.

From improving circulation, detoxifying the body, relieving stress, to enhancing skin health, the reasons for incorporating sauna sessions into one's self care routine are endless.

Saunas come in various types, such as infrared, traditional steam, and portable models, each offering unique benefits and conveniences. So let’s take a look at a few together!

The most affordable sauna option

Giantex Portable Steam Sauna Spa - $95.99


This sauna is portable, so this looks like it can be perfect for getting the fundamental benefits of sauna use without a hefty investment. The features look pretty comprehensive, too, because it includes:

  • 9 Adjustable Temperature Levels: Customize your sauna experience to your comfort level.
  • Rapid Heating & Premium Material: Heats up quickly and retains heat efficiently.
  • Private and Safe: Designed with safety features like explosion-proof and leakage-proof steam boiler.
  • Easy to Carry & Complete Accessories: Portable with a chair, foot massage roller, and more for a professional experience.
  • Health Benefits: Improves circulation, skin health, and relaxation, with the convenience of hand-free usage for reading or phone browsing.

I can see that this would be ideal for anyone with limited space, and want a relaxing sauna experience without breaking the bank. I love this option!

Buy or learn more about this Giantex Portable Steam Sauna Spa - $95.99

Infrared sauna blanket 

LifePro Far Infrared Sauna Blanket - $339.99 

While the last portable sauna was a steam sauna, I am very interested in this infrared sauna blanket, too! Yes, we are definitely stepping it up in price, but I think it is worth it because it brings significant upgrades in technology and convenience - especially because it has far-infrared technology, which is actually something my gym sauna doesn’t have.

The marketing says it features: 

  • Far-Infrared Technology: Deeper tissue penetration for enhanced wellness benefits
  • Non-toxic PU leather and zero-EMF
  • Burn Calories While Relaxing: Increase your body’s thermal energy effortlessly.
  • Fast & Deep Recovery: Supports the immune system and reduces recovery times.
  • Portable: Lightweight and folds for easy transport; enjoy sauna sessions anywhere.

Best suited for those who seek a balance between affordability and enhanced technological benefits. It’s an excellent choice for home users desiring more than just basic features. This is very promising!

Buy or learn more about the LifePro Far Infrared Sauna Blanket - $339.99

Zero-EMFs, Non-toxic Sauna 


Best zero EMF at home sauna dome


Golden Wave Far Infrared Sauna Dome - $1,599.00

Now this one is sexy! I love how clean it looks, and the fact that this is designed zero electromagnetic field or EMF emissions, means this is a safer and healthier sauna experience. Because it is zero-EMF, I find the price to be quite reasonable, especially with a payment plan. This would be the ultimate elevation to any home spa experience with features like: 

  • A professional-grade zero-EMF with full-body coverage 
  • Crafted with premium materials and advanced technology
  • Single-person sauna with ergonomic head pillow, insulated curtains, and other essentials for easy setup and enjoyment
  • Adjustable Time and Temp Elements
  • Infused with genuine Tourmaline and Germanium stones to release negative ions
  • Easy setup in bedrooms, living rooms, or any indoor space


  • May be uncomfortable for those over 6 feet tall 
  • You’ll find the interior dimensions somewhat restrictive if you are used to larger saunas
  • Has a slightly longer heating time

Learn More about the Golden Wave Far Infrared Sauna Dome 

Far Infrared Sauna Room

SALUSHEATFar Infrared Wooden Sauna Room - $2,439.00

If you have room and you are really looking for a high-quality sauna experience, tthis indoor sauna is crafted from Canadian Hemlock wood and features 7 low EMF heaters, 2 Bluetooth speakers, 2 LED reading lamps, and 3 chromotherapy lights. It offers comfortable seating for 2-3 people and provides a relaxing and rejuvenating sauna experience. With it, you’ll enjoy: 

  • Far-infrared technology for even heat distribution and corrosion resistance.
  • Comfortable seating for 2-3 people, with a seat weight capacity of 660 lbs.
  • Quick assembly with tongue and groove design, made of Canadian Hemlock.
  • 7 low EMF heating plates with 1600W power for efficient heating.
  • Bluetooth speakers for music streaming, LED reading lamps, and chromotherapy lights.

Ideal for couples looking for a high-quality indoor sauna experience with advanced features for relaxation and wellness.

Learn more about SALUSHEATFar Infrared Wooden Sauna Room - $2,439.00

Outdoor At-Home Sauna

LTCCDSS Mahogany Outdoor Sauna - $4,399.99

While I don’t have room for an indoor sauna room, this outdoor sauna could be doable! It is made of durable Mahogany wood, suitable for indoor or outdoor use. It comfortably accommodates 4 people and comes equipped with 2 Bluetooth speakers, an LED reading lamp, and a chromotherapy lamp. The sauna offers a spacious and comfortable environment for a relaxing sauna session. The features include: 

  • Made of Mahogany wood with a waterproof design for durability.
  • Spacious interior suitable for up to 4 people, with a seat weight capacity of 660 lbs.
  • Carbon crystal far infrared low EMF heating plate with 2050W power for fast heating.
  • Bluetooth speakers for music streaming, LED reading lamp, and chromotherapy lamp.
  • Easy installation with a card slot design and safety features such as a 6mm tempered glass door.

Ideal for families or groups looking for an outdoor sauna solution that offers ample space, comfort, and advanced features for relaxation and wellness.

At-Home Sauna Buying Tips

When selecting a sauna:

  • Materials: Look for durable, heat-resistant, and non-toxic materials.
  • Size: Consider the space you have available and the size of the sauna.
  • Heaters: The type of heater (infrared vs. steam) affects the experience and benefits.
  • Warranties and Customer Service: A good warranty and responsive customer service are indicators of a product’s quality and the company's confidence in their sauna.

Regular sauna use can be a transformative practice, enhancing your overall well-being, but the best sauna is the one that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle and helps you achieve your wellness goals. 

I am still not sure which I want to choose, because these are all great options. Choosing the right sauna will ultimately come down to your own needs, preferences, and budget, but hopefully this round-up gives you some ideas on your own sauna in your home. 


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