Happy Birthday, Capricorn!

Disciplined, wise Capricorn - the world admires your ambition, intelligence and surprisingly intense sexual allure. 

Consistent companionship and sex are nice, sure, but don’t forget you are allowed to change your mind. Don’t let your stubbornness keep you in anything that no longer serves you. Let go. Truly, truly let go. And then go after what you want. You will make it happen. You always do.

Focused Capricorn, you are very good at making something out of nothing. Don’t let waiting for the perfect time cause you to miss an opportunity you can create yourself.

If you are struggling with finding what you truly want, you may want to actually try something new for a change. Dig deep inside of yourself for inspiration. You don’t have to look outside for a connection to source.

Thank you for bringing in the new year, Capricorn. This is your year to bloom.

Happy Birthday!



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