Conjured Sound Healing

Conjured Sound Healing

Intentional stimulation to the five senses is a core tenet here at Ritual+Vibe.

Sound, especially, is a powerful way to heal the body, raise vibrations, and and clear stagnant energies as discussed in detail in this blog post how to use sound in spiritual work. This is why we have a collection of playlists of uplifting music on Ritual+Vibe, and have described the healing powers of making your own noise.

So when I heard my good friend, owner & head Healer of Conjured Sounds, is offering sound healing baths - I was ecstatic for my first session!

During a trip to Thailand, she realized healing was her calling, and her study and discipline in the healing arts has been something I’ve enjoyed watching her do over the past few years. She integrates energy work, meditation, and the beautiful sounds of quartz to regenerate, relax, and heal the physical and spiritual body.

Sound Bath Healing Experience:

We started alongside a serene and peaceful lake, greeted with the perfect blend of sunlight and breeze.

I laid down  on a chakra mat, and she began talking about the chakras and asking about specific areas or chakras I’d like to focus on.

I settled on three chakras: heart, root, and sacral. 

She brought out these huge, beautiful quartz singing bowls.

“This one,” she pointed at a gorgeous bright orange bowl, “is a note E bowl for the sacral chakra.

“It is great for balancing the emotions associated with the sacral chakra - and even help balance hormones and any disconnection with the womb.”

I smiled - healing the womb has been integral in my work now, because I know that a healed womb leads to a healed world - as I discuss in detail in the PERIOD book.

She discussed the other bowls she had in detail - their benefits and how they can help in my healing journey.

In general, the benefits of sound healing bowls include:

  • space clearing and to signify the beginning and end of meditation.Significantly 
  • reduces stress and anxiety 
  • stimulates the immune system
  • regulates emotions 
  • calming & relaxes deeply
  • pain relief
  • chakra cleansing and balancing
  • clarifies the mind and emotions

 As she began playing, I immediately fell into a deep meditative state. The bowls sang a deep, rich song that I felt vibrating in key chakras - slowly melting any stagnancy and releasing old energies. While playing, she softly recited affirmations to further release blockages and chakra balancing.

The entire session took about 30 minutes, and I felt so relaxed, renewed, and clear afterwards.

She prepared a special treat for me - a healing bath “cooked” with the powerful frequencies of the heart chakra bowl. As I’ve discussed before, of spiritual baths work to cleanse, reset, and restore your auric body. Paired with the healing harmonies & frequencies, a sound bowl bath, followed by a spiritual bath was the perfect way to reset before the new year.

Booking Your Conjured Sound Healing

Conjured Sound Healing is now available for anyone, whether you are local or out of town! It can help balance physical, emotional, and spiritual ailments, while providing a relaxing meditation. Experience Conjured Sound Healing with beautiful, quartz sound bowls today!

If you are interested in booking your own session of a transformative healing experience, head over to! 

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