Using Sound To Heal, Raise Vibes, & Clear Energies

Using Sound To Heal, Raise Vibes, & Clear Energies

Sentience is a superpower. A superpower that can be tended to everyday to create magic in your life. Stimulating your senses with things like scents and sounds tunes this superpower. Sensory stimulation can:

  • transmute energy, 
  • tune vibrations,
  • develop associated spiritual senses,
  • strengthen intuition,
  • further your connection with divinity, and on. 

All five senses hold a special place in my heart (especially taste, #foodie), but sound is my girl. 

A pal and a confidant. 

When talking about raising the ~vibez~, I think the powers of sound should always be discussed. 

Everything In Life is Vibration

According to Einstein, everything is a vibration and has it's own vibrational frequency. And everything that vibrates has a sound.

We are all literally symphonies in our own right. Every time we take a walk, our bodies sing a new song as our feet press against the ground. Every cell and bone in our body has a vibration. Every piece of clothing on our back has a vibration. Every word that leaves our tongue - vibrates.

Life in every sound we make. 

Today, I won't discuss the study of cymatics, or the fact that various cultures believe the universe was created with sound. 

Rather, I want to dive deeper in ways you can raise your vibration using sound. 

Ways To Use Sound In Vibration Tuning

I use sound as a way to help me tune and raise my frequency and the frequency of my space. Here are some top ways to use sound in everyday rituals and practices.

First, the words you speak

Yes, chanting. Yes, singing. Yes, prayer. And also yes, everyday conversation. Keep the words you speak sweet. Recite motivation mantras to yourself in the mirror - out loud. Pray - out loud. Om. Sing at the top of your lungs. But keep the words out of your mouth sweet and for your greatness, highest good.

Drumming is something I can feel in my skin - it’s so ancestral. Literally it cleans you, and energizes you, and brings a real warm fire to your hips. Since I was young, I experienced beautiful congos, djembes, 808s, and fingersnaps and they all felt like home in my hair.

Bells are so beautiful, and really sweetens the vibration of a room. I keep a few bells on my altars. I know some women wear small bells in their jewelry. You can get creative with this sweet sounding instrument. 


Tibetan. Singing. Bowls. (Buy Tibetan Singing Bowls here)

Tuning forks, shakers, binaural beats, and solfeggio frequencies are also popular techniques. Learn more about one(s) that sticks out to you, and find some new practices to include in your meditations or vibrational tuning rituals. 

Tips & Ideas: 

- Write a mantra on a post it note and place it on the mirror. Read it outloud daily for 7 days, or 21 days, or as long as you see fit. Replace with a new one. Rinse. Repeat

- Keep an altar bell on your meditation altar. Ring it it before meditating or during meditation set the mood aka tune the ~vibez~. (BONUS: I love a good shaker nearby, too, because I find the sound intoxicating - shekere, didgeridoo, maraca, the whole nine.)

- According to Chopra, OM is a meditation tool for awakening oneness & divine creation. It’s more of a feeling than a chant, but if you’re feeling it - go off. AUM, at the end of AUM pause  I’m no expert, but feel free to dig deeper  

- Keep your feel-good playlist up to date and on shuffle  I know you have one. I have my current goddess playlist up, and maybe other feel good playlists soon. 

I hope I get to each of the five senses, but I had to make sure I touched on HEAR first. 


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