About Ritual+Vibe

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Mind + Body + Spirit Care.

Designed for Higher Vibes. Inspired by the 5 Senses. 

We are wired to vibe higher. 


We are wired to rise at a frequency of growth and expansion. A place where we feel the strongest, most clear, and most divine.

But our environment can twist our natural vibration in knots.

We absorb the energies of sensational news stories we consume, making us feel anxious. We absorb the stressors of navigating everyday life, making us feel frustrated. We absorb vibrations that can slow our natural frequencies, making us feel sluggish.

That’s why we believe in magic.

Magic is our innate, natural power to be fully integrated - body, mind, and soul. 

We believe in magical moments. Magical moments of high vibrational experiences, or rituals, that offset the effects of our environment so we can live life on a higher vibration. Magical moments like warm spiritual baths, moments like preparing home cooked meals, moments like being home in your body. 

At ritual+vibe, we help you reconnect to your magic by cherishing and creating magical moments. We are inspired by sensory stimulation - taste, touch, smell, hear, and see - and use the senses to retune the frequency and reclaim the magic.

💜 Naima @ Ritual+Vibe

Mind + Body + Spirit Care. Designed for Higher Vibes. Inspired by the 5 Senses.

What rituals will you create to reignite yourself again