#IGRecipes - Sexy Sacral Mango Sip

Sacral Mango Smoothie

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This super sexy smoothie features ingredients that support the passionate, emotional, creative, and intimate parts of our experience. Seamoss and mango are both known aphrodisiacs and that sexual energy can be used in various ways. Added ginger gives some much needed solar plexus fire, and root-supporting hemp seeds gives this smoothie a smooth and creamy base.

  • 2-6 tablespoons of seamoss
  • 1 - 2 c of hemp milk or 1/3 c of hemp seeds + 2/3 c coconut / plain water
  • 1 c Mango
  • 2+ Dates
  • 1 Frozen burro banana Blend until done.

Enjoy while meditating on affirmations that support loving yourself, maintaining healthy boundaries, valuing and nourishing your body with active movement and clean eating, & respecting your sensuality and sexuality.