Roasted Butternut Hash

Butternut Squash Hash

  1. Cut up a butternut squash in equal cubes. Okay, that sounds easier than it is, but it really isn't that bad. Cut off the ends, peel, and scoop out the seeds and use a heavy sharp knife to cut through the firm squash. Watch this video if you need visuals.
  2. Toss the cubes with sliced red onions, rosemary infused oil, & flaked sea salt. Roast for 30-40 minutes. F
  3. inish with cayenne, fresh rosemary, and a bit more flakey salt in needed.

Pairs perfectly as a side dish with sautéed kale, savory kamut oatmeal or quinoa grits, & mushroom sausage patty. Recipe for kamut oatmeal is on my page, just scroll down a bit. Quinoa grits and mushroom sausage patties are in the book. Just click the search button in the book to easy find your recipe of choice 😋. Also an amazing salad topping for your favorite salad greens, along with quinoa, nuts/seeds, and dried fruit. Dress your salad with oil & lime, or even a salad dressing from the Plant Taste Ebook.



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