Bounce Back Playlist (11/11 BOUNCE BACK)

Bounce Back Playlist (11/11 BOUNCE BACK)

For this balancing 11/11, sharing a timeless reading and a beautiful playlist to help you bounce back after taking a few hard lessons. You were built for this, baby. 


Timeless 11/11 Reading

The number 11 represents balance - the dance between good and evil, sweet and sour, dark and light, feminine and masculine. In sidereal astrology, we are still in Libra season ⚖️ - the season of MA’AT. Libra season is a great time to refine and master balance & reciprocity, especially when it comes to maintaining relationships.

A key lesson of this MA'AT season is focus on sweeping your own porch to bounce back bigger and better.   

Oftentimes, especially when there is so much perceived wickedness in the world, it is easy to point fingers. We all have a tendency to see the faults of others faster than we see our own faults; this is natural. But as it goes, you point one finger to someone else, and there are three of your own fingers pointing back at you. Taking the extra time to sweep your own porch gives you a break from putting so much energy on what is wrong with the world, and helps you turn that energy on making you the best you that you can be.

The reason it is easy to complain about a chaotic, disorganized system from a chaotic disorganized room is because you don't really have to take accountability to organize your own room if the end goal is to just complain. Not to say there is not value in complaints, because they are - especially if they are well thought out and useful complaints. Closed mouths don't get fed.

But if complaints are coupled by inaction, what really is the point of complaining? Is it just hot air? There are times where our energy is better used towards sweeping our own porch, correcting our our imbalances in our house (body, physical home, and local community) can sometimes be more useful than just complaining.

Is it worth being "conscious" and not acting on the information you have; you just sit on it? Or is it useful to be conscious and acting on the consciousness that we have been granted?

Simple ways to build discipline can be create a daily schedule or to-do list, make your bed daily, organize your room daily, sweep your front porch daily, create a workout regime that you follow, create a nightly routine that you follow, etc. It doesn't have to be extravagant, especially at first. 

Start somewhere. See something that could be fixed or improved, and do a little every day, every week, every month to improve it. No matter how small, it matters. The Japanese call this concept KAI ZEN or good change / continuous improvement. It is something companies have adapted to eliminate issues in their business, but this philosophy is critical especially in our instant gratification world. Most of us will not be an overnight success, and if we were, many of us would fumble that bag because we didn't build the skills overtime to manage, understand, and work with the growth. 



One of the ways we can move towards more supportive and healthy relationships is through balancing kindness with discipline. Being too nice quickly turns into people pleasing, while being insensitive can make relationships difficult. 

We are in dire need of people who want to do for the good of self and the collective, not just those who need a temporary high and short term satisfaction. This will help us all reach our goal of a more uplifting, abundant society for us ALL. 

BOUNCE BACK Playlist for Uplifting, especially after setbacks

This playlist is for those who need a little motivation to stay up after a hard day, week, month, and life. We been THROUGH it. This pandemic, the deaths, the tyrannical mandates, not being able to see friends and family... none of this shit was light. All of it was heavy and affected all of us heavily. Music can bring us down, and it can also build us up.

This playlist is designed to build us up after being torn down to the foundation. This time, though, when we rebuild ourselves, we build back stronger, smarter, with grace, discipline, and beauty.

With love



Tidal Playlist for Bouncing Back



Spotify Playlist for Bouncing Back



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