Affirmative III: Oshunita

Affirmative III: Oshunita

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Oshun, the Yoruba Orisha of fresh water and sensuality, can also be seen as the "goddess" of self love.

In celebration of the essence that essential to creation, this Oshunita playlist is a slow and sexy reminder of self love, self adoration, self appreciation, and self reflection.

When completing a self love ritual, like our very popular Oshunita ritual, you can start include singing love songs to yourself in the mirror as a daily or regular continuation of this self love ritual.

Learn more about the Oshunita ritual here. 

Indulge in the ancient ritual of self-acceptance and self-love with the newest drop in the AFFIRMATIVE playlist series. This hand-picked curation is sultry, smooth, and sweeter than chocolate.

Dig in. 



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