Confidence Playlist (Affirmative II: Wild Woman)

Confidence Playlist (Affirmative II: Wild Woman)

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The Affirm: Wild playlist journeys through the recognition of the inner Wild Woman. I think all of us can use a healthy and permanent dose of Wildness after 2019. Get into the mix!






Clarity was the word for 2019. Wide eyed, finally; delusions clear. Focused (like Ashanti says on track 6 of the mix). And if growing pains are needed to finally focus vision to clearly see the world, you took each ache and blow with unwavering resilience. Not only that, you fought back. You stood your ground. The strength you continue to show is a gift from your inner Wild Woman. This playlist is dedicated to your Wild Woman.


Abra belts “I’m ‘bout to dive in my honey,” in Come 4 Me, after Kali Uchis declares her independence in Solita. Finding a little more alone time will only help you tend to your wild woman. Declare some much needed you time in the midst of winter festivities to recharge. 


This playlist can help keep you warm in the cooling weather, with hot 🥵 bops from Teedra Moses, Ashanti, Doja Cat, and Azealia Banks. 


Cook to it, walk in the park to it, drive to work to it. Enjoy! 


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