Best Solo Date Ideas & Rituals #solodatechallenge

Best Solo Date Ideas & Rituals #solodatechallenge

Best Solo Date Ideas and Rituals

When was the last time you dedicated hours primping, preparing, and planning for a special day? I don’t mean getting ready for a date with your beau, or a girl’s night out, or a big meeting at work.

When was the last time you got ready and got excited to spend quality time with yourself?

Have you ever calculated how much time you dedicate to other people? We spend months preparing for a girls trip. We spend weeks preparing for a work presentation. We spend hours preparing for a date. So much of our time and energy is spent for someone else. We pour into others, without spending even a fraction of that time with the person who needs it most. Ourselves.

This year, we are changing that.

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This solo date challenge is especially necessary if you:

  • Are fresh out of a relationship - romantic or platonic
  • Are a people pleaser or have a history of people pleasing
  • Notice you have a hard time setting and respecting your own boundaries
  • Are not being fulfilled by friends or family
  • Are stressed due to information overload, lockdowns, vaccination news, restrictions, etc
  • Are fatigued, stressed, or overusing alcohol or other drugs
  • Lost friends, families, or business ventures
  • Are generally overwhelmed with life

Before you prioritize pleasing anyone else this Valentine’s Day with your presence and beautiful being, here are some ways you can spend quality time with yourself and The Most High.

Pampering Solo Date Ritual

What you’ll need:

  • Milk & Honey bath or bath of choice
  • Body oil
  • Incense and candles
  • Mirror for gazing
  • Relaxing music of choice

Light your incense and set your intentions for this date. Your intentions can be anything - from intending to relax and calm the mind to connecting with yourself and your Creator in an intimate, dedicated moment. 

Clean your bathtub. Light your candles, incense, and play music of choice if you'd like. Spend some time admiring your reflection in the mirror for a few minutes. What are your favorite features? Speak love into these features; show gratitude to your Creator for your favorite parts of yourself - physical or non-physical. What are some of your not-so-favorite features? Speak love into these features as well; ask your Creator to grant you more understanding, appreciation, and acceptance of things you cannot change at this very second. 

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Run your bath. When the water is to your liking, start sprinkling in your milk & honey bath. Lower your body in the silky, warm bathwater, and just soak - keeping your intentions in mind. Stay in the bath for at least 20 minutes, and imagine the bathwater working to pull out imbalances and negative energies out of your physical and spiritual body. Once done and the water starts to drain out - imagine your worries, insecurities, and issues going down the drain.

Anoint your body with your favorite body oil in front of the mirror. Recite your favorite self love affirmations while you anoint and massage your body. Here are some mantras to get you started.

  • I choose to love - fully and open-heartedly 
  • I align myself with my highest, most divine good
  • choose to heal any blockages I have with love. 
  • I forgive myself. 
  • I enter my wholeness with an open heart. I find divinity in my wholeness. 
  • I give myself the sweetness, the affection, and the adoration I crave.
  • I give myself the support, upliftment, and the validation I deserve. 
  • I allow myself to receive love. 

You can find more mantras here.

Self Love Letter Ritual

What you’ll need:

  • Good quality paper & red pen
  • Recording app
  • OR
  • Your journal
  • Recording app
  • A dozen flowers (optional)

Declare your love for yourself on paper with a love letter to yourself. This i This declaration of love is your clean slate. Writing a love letter to yourself can be a releasing and uplifting practice that frees you from definitions of love that no longer serve you.

If you need any guidance, use the following prompts to help guide your writing:

  • What are some words of validation, appreciation, and adoration you could hear right now?
  • What do you choose to love about yourself now that you once rejected in the past? Or others have rejected?
  • What does being in love with yourself look like?
  • What are ways you can show yourself love on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis?
  • What does creating a healthy relationship with yourself look like?
  • What do you love about yourself?

Choose one or multiple questions to respond to, and just start free writing. You can also freestyle your letter. Whatever you decide, make sure you are open and honest and kind and thoughtful and loving with yourself when writing your love letter.

Record your self love declaration on your phone’s recording app, and play it every night before you go to bed, or anytime you need a pick-me-up.

If you wrote this on a single sheet of paper, and not in a journal, you can keep this love letter to yourself on your altar, or near your vanity, mirror, or any area you frequent when getting ready for your day. Keep the flowers you got yourself close by, and try to keep them and refresh with new flowers as often as you can. Anytime you need a pick me up, re-read your love letter. 

Nature Date Ritual

Grab a water bottle, a blanket, and your journal and head to the park. We can neutralize a lot of stress by spending time near forests, bodies of flowing water, and just outside in general. Spend this time admiring the beautiful scenery or even watching the people who may be at the park.

The vitamin D from the sun will help you sleep and improve your mood, and watching the beauty of the Creator’s creations will give you a sense of peace and calmness. If you’d like, take a walk around to get your blood going, or journal some of your intimate thoughts.

Movement is a great way to give thanks that against all odds you are alive, you are well, and you still have something to give.


11 Solo Date Ideas

Here are a list of other solo dates you can do. At the beginning or end of each month, make it a point to schedule at least one solo date for yourself.

  1. Take yourself on a spa date. Book a pedicure, facial, or a full body massage at your local day spa and indulge by yourself.
  2. Go to the movie theatre or watch your favorite movie / documentary at home.  After a relaxing bath, put on your favorite lounge wear set, prepare (or order in!) your favorite meal, and have a movie marathon! 
  3. Browse a local museum. Don’t rush through the exhibits either, take your time learning about the itens being displayed.
  4. Enjoy a dance or cooking class.
  5. Visit a fancy restaurant or bar. Get cute and grab a meal at a nice spot you’ve been wanting to try. If you’re uncomfortable eating by yourself, bring a good book (instead of staying on your phone scrolling through Instagram.)
  6. Pack a picnic basket and have a picnic at a local park, beach, or reserve.
  7. Go to a bookstore or library and read. Grab your favorite tea and fully immerse yourself in a book, or write in your journal. 
  8. Volunteer at a local community activity, charity, or something you are passionate in.
  9. Go to a comedy show or open mic event.
  10. Take a nature walk. Take pictures and try to identify some of the plants, birds, or insects you see with a plant, animal, or insect identifier app. 
  11. Be a tourist in your city. Explore places something you’ve never seen before in your city. Look up top tourist attractions if you need inspiration.

Enter the #solodatechallenge

We have just released our newest spiritual bath - Milk & Honey! It is a decadent blend of milks, honey, and salts that make your skin silky smooth and relax your mind. Want to get a full size bath for free? All you have to do is take yourself on a date!

Enter the solo date challenge. The rules are simple. Take yourself on a solo date of your choice and post a photo, video, or Reels about your solo date on your Instagram page by 11:59pm Saturday February 19th 2022. Tag @ritualandvibe and #solodatechallenge. And that’s it! No purchase necessary. One winner will be chosen to receive our newest milk and honey bath. 


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