How to do an Energy Cleansing Ritual for Spring Equinox

How to do an Energy Cleansing Ritual for Spring Equinox

Spring Equinox is a powerful opportunity for internal transformation, since it's a natural checkpoint to check in, shed, and release so we can welcome something fresh and new. 

A wonderful way to tap into this spring equinox energy is with a spring cleaning ritual, not just for your physical space, but for your spirit as well. Let's declutter, cleanse, and set intentions to welcome the vibrant potential of the season.

While this is just a general overview, download an in-depth, step-by-step energy cleansing ritual. This book can be a useful resource that you can reference whether you want to follow a pre-made ritual or make your own energy cleansing rituals. You'll have recipes for spiritual baths, prayers, intention setting rituals, and so much more you can reference if you want to regularly cleanse your space. Learn more about Energy Cleansing: New Year New Me here.

    Spring decluttering

    While I’m not promoting minimalism, our things do hold on energy. And the simplest way to do an energetic cleanse is by living by that good ole saying: “Out with the old, baby!” Let go of the unnecessary, outdated, unused, so you create more space. Marie Kondo, the queen of decluttering, created the KonMari Method - a unique approach to decluttering that emphasizes joy and intentionality. Here are some of her key tips to guide your spring cleaning ritual:

    1. Declutter by room: Unlike tidying, where she usually recommends to do by category and not by location, cleaning can and should be done from one room to the next. So I have included an excerpt of a KonMari-approved Spring Cleaning Checklist below, just keep in mind that your home's needs will will look slightly different.

    2. Ask the magic question: Hold each item and ask, "Does it spark joy?" Be honest! If not, thank it and let it go – even if it feels useful or expensive. Remember, you're creating a space that ignites happiness, not burdens.
    3. Donate with love: Before discarding anything, Kondo emphasizes expressing gratitude for its service. This includes items you choose to donate. She encourages viewing donation as a way to pass on joy to others who might find value and happiness in your no-longer-joyful items.

    Deep clean with intention:

    Similar to getting rid of excess clutter, a deeper clean - wiping, washing, sweeping - is a form of energetic cleansing as well. Deep clean with intention. As you sweep, mop, and wipe down surfaces, visualize negativity being swept away.


    • Wash linens and flip your mattress if needed
    • Vacuum or mop bedroom floors 


    • Clean shower, tub and drain
    • Wipe down bathroom counters, mirror and sink
    • Clean toilet – both inside and out

    Living Areas

    • Launder curtains and wash or dry clean rugs
    • Dust electronics, light fixtures, fans, furniture and decor
    • Clean window sills, blinds and windows – both inside and out


    • Clean the refrigerator, freezer, microwave, stove and any other appliances
    • Wipe down kitchen counters, cabinet doors and handles
    • Wash any dishes, then clean the kitchen sink and its drain

    You could also add a splash of Florida water to your cleaning solution for an extra energetic boost. Florida water is a cologne-like concoction of essential oils and alcohol has been used for spiritual cleansing and protection for centuries, particularly in various African and Caribbean traditions. Some associate it with attracting positive energy, warding off negativity, and bringing blessings. The specific scent profile is believed to evoke feelings of purity and upliftment.

    You can learn more about Florida Water in the Energy Cleansing ritual book, but you  want a sneak peak from the book and learn how to make your own Florida water, check out this recipe for DIY Florida Water.

    Energy cleansing carpet vacuum powder

    One of my favorite recipes from the Energy Cleansing ritual book is the carpet powder recipe. I use this all year round, anytime I vacuum. Plus, it is so easy to make your own homemade vacuum powder with simple ingredients - baking soda, salt, and essential oils.

    The combination of baking soda and salt in vacuum powder acts as a natural deodorizer and absorbent, capturing dust, dirt,and potentially even stagnant energy. The pleasant scent of the essential oils and botanicals can contribute to a sense of freshness and upliftment, further enhancing the cleansing experience.

    Refresh, cleanse, and remove negative energies with this carpet powder.

    Carpet powder recipe

    • 1 c Baking Soda
    • 4 tablespoons Sea Salt
    • Essential oil of choice 
    • 1 tablespoon of herbs of choice

    Mix all ingredients together. While stirring, place your intentions for cleansing, clearing, and resetting for the new year. Sprinkle on carpet and let sit for 15 minutes. Vacuum as normal.

    The essential oils and botanicals can add specific energetic properties depending on their selection. You can tailor the powder to your own needs and intentions, like for purification, protection, or specific desired energies.

    For ideas on how to customize the vacuum powder and to more energy cleansing recipes so you can build your own energy cleansing ritual and follow a simple one, get our Energy Cleansing: New Year New Me ritual book.

    Smudging and incense for spring cleaning

    Smudging and incense burning are both methods of smoke cleansing, used for centuries in various cultures to purify spaces and dispel negative energy. While they share some similarities, there are also key differences to consider before incorporating them into your spring cleaning ritual.

    Primarily practiced in Indigenous cultures worldwide,smudging involves burning sacred herbs like white sage, cedar, or sweetgrass. It's often accompanied by prayers, songs, and specific rituals with deep spiritual significance. Considered a powerful spiritual cleansing tool, smudging aims to remove negativity, invite protection, and create a sacred space.

    Incense burning has broader applications across various cultures and religious traditions. It's used for relaxation, meditation, aromatherapy, and even as a subtle fragrance. The purpose of incense can vary depending on the chosen herbs or resins. Some may focus on purification, relaxation, or specific emotional states.

    Choose incense based on your desired effect and personal preferences. I walk you through energy cleansing in the book but if you are interested in learning more about smudging, check out our Smudging 101 & Alternatives to Sage article here.

    Prayers for energy cleansing

    Psalms are beautiful poetic expressions of faith and devotion, and many resonate with themes of renewal, purification, and protection, making them fitting companions for your energetic cleanse. Here are a few suggestions based on specific intentions:

    Psalms for Cleansing and Renewal:

    • Psalm 51: A powerful expression of remorse and yearning for cleansing. Verses 2, 7,and 10-12 are particularly evocative.
    • Psalm 23: A classic psalm of comfort and protection, emphasizing God's presence and guidance. Verses 3 and 5 offer a sense of renewal.
    • Psalm 103: A hymn of praise for God's mercy and forgiveness. Verses 3, 5, and 8 describe renewal and restoration.

    Psalms for Protection and Positive Energy:

    • Psalm 91: A powerful declaration of God's protection and guidance. Verses 9-12 offer refuge and safety.
    • Psalm 34: Praises God's deliverance and encourages trust in Him. Verses 4, 7, and 18 inspire positive energy and hope.
    • Psalm 121: A short psalm reminding us that our help comes from God. Verse 2 offers a sense of security and groundedness.

    Cleansing spiritual bath

    Spiritual baths work to cleanse, reset, and restore your auric body. Soaking in or cleansing yourself with water blessed with things like intention, herbs, flowers, scents, roots, crystals, and salt on a regular basis can help support spiritual and energetic work you're already doing, or your introduction to spiritual and auric work.

    You can learn the basics of a spiritual bath here and get step by step instructions and recipes for spiritual baths in our #BookOfBaths Spiritual Bath Recipes on the energetic cleansing ritual here.

    Intention setting rituals

    The final step is to plant the seeds of your desires. Use journaling prompts to set clear intentions for the season ahead. Reflect on what you want to cultivate – joy, abundance, creativity?

    These journal prompts can help you cultivate clarity and set powerful intentions for the season ahead:


    1. As winter ends, what feels stagnant or incomplete in your life?
    2. What seeds of potential lay dormant within you, waiting to sprout?
    3. What limiting beliefs have held you back in the past year?
    4. What achievements or experiences brought you the most joy last year?
    5. What lessons did you learn that you want to carry forward?

    Intention Setting:

    1. Choose three keywords that embody your desired state for the season (e.g., joy,abundance, clarity).
    2. Craft a personal mantra or affirmation that resonates with your intentions.
    3. Visualize yourself taking specific actions aligned with your goals. Describe the experience.
    4. Create a vision board or list of intentions to keep them top of mind.
    5. How can you celebrate your milestones and stay motivated throughout the season
    6. Express gratitude for the present moment and the potential that lies within.

    Remember, these are just guidelines. Infuse your rituals with your personal touch and intuition. As you declutter, cleanse, and set intentions, allow the Spring Equinox to guide you on your own unique journey of transformation. Welcome the vibrant energy of the season and watch your spirit blossom alongside the world around you!

    Don't forget to check out our resources!


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