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#BookOfBaths Vol 1: Spiritual Bath Recipe Digital eBook

#BookOfBaths Vol 1: Spiritual Bath Recipe Digital eBook

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For thousands of years, baths were used to cleanse, purify, soften, and restore.

Sacred bathing is a supercharged self care ritual for your mind, body, and soul. These baths are simple, but powerful at raising your vibration and providing spiritual support and strength. 

#BookOfBaths is a recipe book of simple, and powerful spiritual baths to cleanse your aura and fine tune your vibration. Each bath is a mini-ritual filled with ingredients that support vibrational work and spiritual growth. Inspired by years growing up in the Lucumi/Santeria tradition, the book features Step-by-Step Ritual Bath Instructions and the following herbal bath recipes:

  • Old Faithful Bitter Bath: a purifying, protective bitter bath to cleanse and reset
  • Love Spell Bath: a sweetening blend of herbs for beauty and attraction
  • Open Road Bath: a twist on the popular Abre Camino Santeria bath
  • Divine Relaxation Bath: a bath that encourages connection with divinity
  • Lucky Money Bath: an attraction bath to encourage prosperity and luck



Oshun Self Love Ritual

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