New Year Cleansing & Reset Ritual

New Year Cleansing & Reset Ritual

Peace beautiful family!

The ever popular Nu Year, Nu Me Ritual has been updated, and is your new & improved guidance on shaking off 2021 and stepping into 2022 fresh and renewed! Some of the instructions have been clarified, and there are some additional prayers added to the resource to help connect this ritual with your Creator the Most High.

There is also more clarification on what ingredients are required and what is not. You shouldn't have to spend a lot of money to get the materials for this rituals - most of the items should be in your home. I have clarified what ingredients are optional, and can provide an extra "push" if you need. 

While updating, I realized something. There is a warning/disclaimer that I should’ve been added, that I failed to make very clear. 

This ritual is not for those who don’t want to change their bad habits.

If you are not committed to a truly NEW you, don’t bother with this ritual. This ritual is designed to get you in line and on track, whether you want to act right or not. It will not allow you to continue playing yourself small, undermining your power, or sabotaging your essence. 

If you are committed to bringing your bad habits with you into 2022, understand they just might get snatched away from you. If you are stubbornly holding on to your bad habits, you will get humbled quickly into letting them all go.

This ritual is only for those dedicated to keep the promises they are making to themselves.

This ritual is designed to guide you in purifying your body, spirit, and home to prepare for the 2022 year. 

In the ritual, you will learn how to 

CLEANSE unwanted, outdated, and stagnant energy

+ PROTECT your space from evil eyes and ill-intent

+ ATTRACT good vibes, favored luck, prosperity, good health, and wellness

+ FORTIFY the body & spirit with powerful root work and prayer

+ AND ENJOY the fruits of your labor, because the intentions you set for the new year actually came true this time

Learn more about the ritual here.

If you want a new life, change is inevitable. When you say goodbye to the old you, the old you is leaving. Let it go. Give thanks for the lessons you’ve learned, and walk in the path of the New You.

Expect changes.

Have faith through all of the changes if you are especially stubborn.

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This is not for the lazy, for the “one and done.” This is for those committed to their new selves.

If you have the Oshunita ebook or previously purchased The Nu Year, Nu Me ritual, you should have the updated book in your email right now. Start reading through the update now, and you will have plenty of time to get everything ready for the New Year.


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