Cleansing Playlist (8/8 LIONSGATE KILLA INSTINCTS)

Cleansing Playlist (8/8 LIONSGATE KILLA INSTINCTS)

Happy Lionsgate Season, y'all!

enjoy a special timeless reading for the 8/8 Lionsgate Portal, as well as enjoy a cleansing reversal playlist!

8/8 Lionsgate Reading

Did you know the original 8th card of the Tarot is the Justice card? While it is now associated with the beautiful Strength or Fortitude card, 8 - a number that represents infinity and wisdom - can also represent Balance, Equilibrium, and the Venusian spirit of Ma'at. Justice wields a sharp, clear sword to ensure accurate decision making. 8 is a beautiful number, because it also represents the ancestral wisdom being passed down the generations. The shape of the figure 8 is Venusian in it's own right, curved with a bosom overflowing with knowledge.

The message here is to first give THANKS to Self and your ancestral army for helping you overcome battles that have drained you. Even if you feel defeated, you are victorious. The six of wands and the 9 of wands came out in this reading, showing there is triumph where there is courage. 9 of wands reminds us to be diligent - use both Strength and Justice to continue moving smart.

Secondly, you don't have to exist in Survivor Mode anymore. You are victorious. You have won. Life is to be lived here for you, so let go of all of the things that are keeping you in survivor mode. Be indiscriminate. Take out your Justice sword, and ride on your Strength. You are guided, covered, and protected. You can move forward (6 of wands energy) without the baggage of things that no longer serve you.

Killa Instinct: Playlist for Cleansing Old Energy 

The below playlist is an amazing way to kill any linger beliefs that need to me removed from your spirit. Killa Instincts is a beautiful cleansing playlist, great for cleansing house, breakups, move-ons, mourning old, road trips, and more. This is a powerful playlist designed to help you get rid of the old, so feel free to save and listen when you need!



Affirmative I Playlist || Affirmative II Playlist || Affirmative III || All Playlists



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