Sexy Self Love (Affirmative Vol 2)

Sexy Self Love (Affirmative Vol 2)

Loving yourself is the most revolutionary thing you can do in this day and age. Whether you participate in capitalist holidays like Valentine's Day or not, use today reflect on the power of love and harness love's energy. 

Here is a love ritual you can do today and 365 days a year -- sing love songs to yourself in the mirror. Indulge in this ritual of self-acceptance and self-love with the newest drop in the AFFIRMATIVE playlist series. This hand-picked curation is sultry, smooth, and sweeter than chocolate. Dig in. 

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Affirmative Vol 2: Sexy Self Love


If you didn't know, we are redefining what love means all February. Participate in the conversation and support the shop with musings and products to help support the rise of real love. 

Real Love February:


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