I’m A Recovering Romantic

Written By Naima @ Ritual+Vibe - February 06 2019


February 07 2019

In my experience with love, the love I need is to feel like I’m not being studied as much as I’m being accepted. People who study you, whether it be in relationships, job related, whatever, they look at you trying to understand you and that’s often a terribly lonely feeling. When you love someone, you’re not spending time trying to decode or understand them so much as accept them. Every person I’ve loved, when I look them in the eyes, it’s compassion. It’s not a puzzle, it’s not like they are trying to find an angle, it’s compassion and acceptance. I don’t feel like I have anything to prove. Good, bad, whatever they accept me. They accept my apologies when I do wrong, and accept my love when I give it. When you are studied, the message isn’t heard. It sits there and is strategized on. Like how do I approach this? And that’s not a love I have any interest in pursuing.

Karyll Said
February 06 2019

I’ve been exploring this a lot lately. I recently admitted to myself that I really do not desire romantic love. I don’t want to perform romance and I don’t want my love to be shrouded in mystery and fluff. I want to be able to define and describe the love I give and receive. When people tell me they love me, I’ve been asking what they mean by that. it’s been rewarding and soothing to take love out of the mystical realm and into the practical, in this way.

February 06 2019

I’m breaking up with finding love by a certain age. The love I desire will find me when the time is right and when I am ready. Period! Until then I’m working on enjoy what I have and going after what I want (in my time and by my rules).

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