A word on living.

A word on living.

I sometimes get lost thinking of the times I’ve spent not living. Life is meant for living.

You can’t ignore life. Don’t get so stuck in your dreams that you forget to explore life. Life is meant to be lived. Stimulate your senses. Warm your skin with the sun. Feel the whip of wind against your skin. Taste the bitterness and sweetness of life. You cannot ignore life. You are here to live. Dip your feet in new water. Walk on new land. Touch new textures. Feel old ones. Smell spices and flowers. Listen to laughter. Create your own. Feel the swell of your belly as you breathe. Feel the heat of your tears as you cry. Fold and unravel. You are meant to live. Savor life. Let life fall through your fingers and stick to you like sand. You are here to learn form. Experience and touch your way through. Living through. Living daily.

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