The Pretty Brown Guide

The Modern Woman's Guide to Doing Life.

1) Be sincere & led by your heart (emotionally intelligent), which gives you a higher self esteem, improved motivation, discipline and performance, and better relationships.

2) Know and understand your worth. Respect your values and your Self. Protect your Self with privacy, mystery, wit. 

3) Maintain self-control, accountability, and temperance. Being accountable to self means being self 👑 sovereign, not a perpetual victim. Responsible. Accountability is essential to emotional and financial management as well. 

4) Be a beautiful asset. Invest in your mind, your skillset, and resources to catapult your opportunities. Glow from the inside out with good nutrition and habits. 

5) Be properly nourished, so you feel relaxed. Be well-rested. Free yourself from chronic stress, and let go of things you cannot control. Practice gratitude daily. 



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