Happy Birthday, Aquarius! Celebrate your birthday with a purifying incense blend, a relaxing salt soak blend, and this mixtape that is almost as cool, avant-garde, and knowledgeable as you are. Enjoy!

Beautiful, stoic Aquarius, it’s time you re-evaluate the openness of your heart. It seems you push love away at the first sign of what you deem irrational.

“Common” sense ain’t common. So instead of closing your heart up (based on some imaginary ruleset you have decided the entire world needs to live by), learn to empathize a bit. 

Try something new for once. Believing you know everything might leave you by yourself.
Is that what you want? Truly? The world needs your spirit, your intelligence, and your heart. Not your stubbornness. Open up. 

Glitches in communication can happen. Take a moment to listen instead of treating everything you deem irrational as unsalvageable. If someone from the past tries to reconnect, listen. Listen with your ears. Listen with your heart. If nothing else, just listen.

Ask yourself, “what does forgiveness mean to me? What does forgiveness look like? How can forgive within my boundaries?” Believe it or not, you have answers to these questions. So go find them. You’ll be pleased when you see what you uncover.

If you remember who you are, if you are solid in your sense of self, genuine openness can really, really change your world right now. In a beautiful way. 

Happy Birthday!

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