Iyawo White Fashion Inspiration (FALL 2018)

Iyawo White Fashion Inspiration (FALL 2018)

Growing up in an Orisha house, my parents always expressed the importance of not only wearing white at religious functions, but wearing white or lighter colored clothes in general.

“But the white just gets...so...messy...”

“You kept your whites super clean today, Naima. I don’t know why you’re complaining.” 

“Today was a fluke. You know how clumsy I am, dad.” We both chuckle as he nods. 


”I mean, are we even supposed to wear white after Labor Day?”

”Naima, you know we wear white for ceremony. And you’re a child of Obatala. You should wear more white in general.” 

“But why?”

”Think of it like...like a coat of armor. Just like the color black absorbs, the color white reflects. Keeps the spirit cool.” 

I wanted to start a series on the blog sharing all white fashions. Very Olivia Pope. Very Solange. Very iyawo. Very olorisha. Just gorgeous, all white outfits to normalize this very unique part of my religion.



Creamy white, butter brown leather:


  1. Helmet Lang • Assymetric Ribbed Top
  2. Burberry • Leather Trainer
  3. CLYDE • Leather Beret
  4. Cult Gaia • Fan Drop Earings 
  5. Loewe • Puzzle Aviator
  6. Mara Mac • Straight Pants 


All White Outfits - Street Fashion (FALL 2018 INSPIRATION)

* I will add all sources once I find them all.

Source: Unknown


Winonah, Fall/Winter 2018


 Source: Unknown 

Lemaire, Fall 2018

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