Happy Birthday, Pisces! How are you treating yourself for your birthday? We think you need to be adorned with sweet smells and gorgeous heart-manifesting greens all birthday season. Shop your birthday list below.

Pisces birthday gift  


Featured Birthday Gifts for Pisces: 

PISCES Body Mist, a beautiful blend of spirit-lifting sandalwood and rose to keep you connected, centered, and grounded - while keeping your heart and mind open. 

Oshun Emerald Tassle Earrings brush away feelings of self doubt, while looking damn fine while doing it. These earrings have a gorgeous malachite stone in them - a stone known for cleaning, healing, and transformation.

Self Love Glow Anointing Booster. The focus is all on you this birthday. Treat every bit of you with sacred self touch with this warming full-body anointing oil. 

Zodiac Playlist & Birthday Reading for Pisces: 

Enjoy a dreamy playlist (& reading) that celebrates the air and water you wade between proudly, especially during this new revolution around the sun. Your birthday should be all about you, you, you. 

Open-hearted, fluid, & compassionate Pisces, an unexpected treasure is waiting to reveal itself to you. You don’t need to wish for it or dream about it. It’s yours. Just don’t stop what you are doing. Stay the course. & realize that “defeat” is merely a redirection. Defeat is new knowledge, not late insight.

Enjoy the view of the process, beautiful. Your imagination is powerful, but remember that your magic isn’t always in how much you romanticize the future. It’s also about how much heart and intention you put in appreciating the now. Heart-filled gratitude & self-appreciation moves mountains, too, dreamy Pisces. Do not take any of the riches & indulgences you enjoy now for granted imagining a romanticized future. You’ve worked too hard for what you got now to disregard the now. 

Creative and imaginative Pisces, please use your mind wisely this season. Focus on the feeling of satisfaction and happiness and gratitude. Wishing is a feeling of longing, a feeling of lack. You are a wonder right NOW, and that is reason to celebrate. Celebrate YOU Pisces! 

Finally, what aren’t you doing that you need to do spirituality? Do you have obligations you are putting off? Do you have daily rituals you are skimping on? Spend time connecting and adjusting spiritually. This is to fortify you, Pisces. This is to strengthen you. You cannot be resistant to your spirituality while trying to manifest.

Connect, focus, and enjoy yourself, dear Pisces. You deserve to treat yourself like honey. You deserve to treat each moment slow... and sweet this birthday season.

Happy birthday, Pisces! Enjoy your birthday inspired playlist below. 



Happy Birthday, Pisces! 

 Pisces zodiac birthday inspired birthday gift and playlist

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