Review: Oracle & Chart Readings from Kim

Review: Oracle & Chart Readings from Kim

The following is a review on a recent oracle card reading I received from my local astrologer  and homegirl Kim! 

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“You need a reading,” my godmother says, coughing into a folded napkin. I playfully roll my eyes, unable to contain my stubborn double Leo & Obatala attitude.

“I will! I will. Look I’ll see you later, let me see if I can beat this Friday traffic.” I mentioned it to my dad when I stopped by after a smooth ride home. *bzzzt* I get a message from a close friend and owner of body care brand Really Good Butter, Kim. “Do you want a reading? I have this deck, and I just...”


Of course! Kim is not only a friend, but is also my astrologer. Passionate and knowledgable about the stars, her reading style is relatable, succinct, helpful, and warm. She’s firm, but she reads not only to help me understand parts of myself I am unsure about, she also lists solutions and ideas on how to easily do the work. During a chart reading, she predicted elements of Ritual+Vibe, that I almost laughed at (at the time.) And a year and half later... here we are.

The Oracle Card Reading 

By the time I left my parents home and got to my place, Kim sent a recording of the oracle card reading and a picture of the beautiful spread.

For some reason, all day I had the urge to give her a call to hear her voice. Her soft husky voice rounded with remnants of New York City hugged me through the voice and I sighed. She is a good friend, so her cloud coated voice is already something I find very comforting. I needed to hear it this day.

She begins that 8 cards jumped out of the deck when she started, and my heart skipped. Obatala is my crowned orisha, and her number is 8. I was already shook.

She separated the reading into two rows of cards.

Row one: 
The first row of cards were interconnected in the focus on letting go and letting the universe do its thing. Appreciating the moment without rushing through anticipating the future. Enjoying both the firmness and weightlessness of now. Reassuringly reminding that faith is safe. 

Control less. Allow more.

Row two:
The second row of cards, Kim says, depict very feminine, sexy women. The reassuring nature continued, and Kim kept dropping bombs I felt in my gut. “Things will work out as they are meant to. No — no, things will work out as they it’s intended to.” Butterflies appeared in a few cards and were said to represent transformation on one of the cards. My mother’s late sister loved butterflies, and I felt her blessing on the reading. Kim was a crystal clear conduit.

Tears, warm with joy, softened my cheeks. The swell of my belly felt like it was brimming with white light. The deck spoke directly through Kim. Naturally, she became one with the deck and received clear, connected messaging.

She ends with a Jay Z quote, “you can’t heal what you don’t reveal.” I clung to the last few minutes; I almost didn’t want the reading to end.

Kim’s style is down-to-earth, and very nurturing. Her readings are almost motherly, even when the message is firm. She goes through each card, explores the relationship, and then connects the airiness of the message to something that makes sense in a practical usable sense. 


Some basic themes that really resonated with me during this reading included:

  • Allow
  • Love
  • Transparency
  • Spirituality
  • Courage 

The cards shared a feeling of growth & transformation through the nature and butterfly symbolism. The femininity hints at allowing and being open to faith. The stress on spirituality surprised me, but since this isn’t the first time Kim has mentioned this. I am blessed to have more room to study and continue to explore my spirituality. The whole reading felt reassuring and was the confirmation I was looking for.

For my next reading, I hope we can do it on FaceTime or in person so I can see each card during the reading because the deck was so cute. Kim loves symbolism, so I would love to have the opportunity to ask her about all the symbolism in the cards from my reading.

I relistened to the reading a few times, and have continued to revisit it over the last three weeks. I feel ready to be more receptive to the world around me. The day after my reading I got offered a huge opportunity. A few days after that, I continued to get showered with gifts that I might've questioned or hesitated. Instead, I smiled and opened my hands.

I am ready to allow and receive. I am in a transitionary period now, and the reminder of support eases every move. Affording me the energy to be confident in taking each day one at a time. Present. Going into the new year, I am focusing a lot of my intentions on many of the themes brought up in this reading. I already have seen the effects of this reading help me change my reality, and I am excited to continue bringing her words to life. 

Email Kim to book her for oracle card, birth chart readings, and reiki session @ and pick up some of her skin softening whipped shea butter at Really Good Butter!

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