Happy Birthday, Sagittarius! Sagittarius, not only are you 4 leaf lucky - you are larger than life. Exploring yourself, exploring your truth, and exploring this world is your right. A rite, a a ceremonial step in your growth.

You’re a different kinda lucky, too. So you think, so it shall be. So it shall orbit around you like a satellite and land right into your lap, in fact. Make your thoughts and actions reflect the life you want. Let your wonderful luck work for you. Not against you, powerful Sagittarius.

And each opportunity you’ve been receiving seems to get heavier and take a little more energy. But that energy will transmute into something with weight to it. It’ll be heavy. It’s supposed to be heavy.

You’re built for this, though. Gwan, baby. Appreciate. Give thanks. Think positive. Dont worry. You got this.

Don’t let the intensity and largeness of your dreams keep you from carrying your weight around the world.

You are meant to be an entity.

You’ve asked for the world. So don’t be afraid to do what needs to be done to make it yours.

Happy Birthday, Sag! 




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