At-Home Herbal Bath for Love and more!

Just like you clean your physical body, your spiritual body requires cleaning. Spiritual baths work to cleanse, reset, and restore your auric body. Soaking in or cleansing yourself with water blessed with intention, herbs, flowers, scents, roots, crystals, salt, regularly can support your spiritually and energetically. 

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Oshunita Herbal Bath 

Soak away self-doubt, stress, and energies that block loving energy from your vibration with this sweet herbal bath. Powered by powerful herbs and nourishing flowers, this herbal bath tea is designed to boost your confidence and self esteem while you self care like a goddess.

The yarrow featured in this blend brings courage and confidence to the soaker, while the marjoram brings sweetness. Holy basil (also known as Krishna Tulsi) is and calendula will sooth and beautify skin until it glows. Enjoy this beautiful self love ritual and a spiritual experience in one whenever you need a boost of confidence, love, or sweetness in your life. This bath is the perfect self care gift.

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#BookOfBaths is a recipe book of simple, and powerful spiritual baths to cleanse your aura and fine tune your vibration. Each bath is a mini-ritual filled with ingredients that support vibrational work and spiritual growth.