Book Of Baths: Spiritual Bath Recipes for Vibrational Elevation

For thousands of years, baths were used to cleanse, purify, soften, and restore.

Sacred bathing is a supercharged self care ritual for your mind, body, and soul. These baths are simple, but powerful at raising your vibration and providing spiritual support and strength. 

spiritual bath recipes

Sacred bathing can be described as a bath blessed with the intention to cleanse/restore/support the spiritual body. The water typically also includes botanicals, perfumes, or salts combined in a way to help raise your vibration. 

Sacred bathing softens you, while restoring your spirit. Water - the main ingredient - holds you as soon as you enter. It clings to you instantly, like you’re a magnet to the sweet of its touch. The water surrounds you, and makes itself familiar with every secret place on your body. Intention is the second ingredient, and it supercharges the water with purpose to support you, in addition to comforting you. Next, sweet scented oils, bright, herbaceous botanicals, and spicy roots are included to tune your aura based on your intention. Each ingredient works together to hold and restore you.

#BookOfBaths Spiritual Bath Recipes

#BookOfBaths is a recipe book of simple, and powerful spiritual baths to cleanse your aura and fine tune your vibration. Each bath is a mini-ritual filled with ingredients that support vibrational work and spiritual growth. Inspired by years growing up in the Lucumi/Santeria tradition, the book features Step-by-Step Ritual Bath Instructions and the following herbal bath recipes:

  • Old Faithful Bitter Bath: a purifying, protective bitter bath to cleanse and reset
  • Love Spell Bath: a sweetening blend of herbs for beauty and attraction
  • Open Road Bath: a twist on the popular Abre Camino Santeria bath
  • Divine Relaxation Bath: a bath that encourages connection with divinity
  • Lucky Money Bath: an attraction bath to encourage prosperity and luck 

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