Self Anointing for Abundance (5 Minute Ritual for Attracting Money)

Self Anointing for Abundance (5 Minute Ritual for Attracting Money)

The metaphysics of money is easy to understand if you remember two things. First, know that abundance is an infinite resource always available to you. Second, the purpose of abundance is create joy and happiness in life. 

In my activating abundance post, I explore the ways I like to attract abundance - including using plants and spices that represent Oshun on a regular basis.

Oshun is the Orisha over wealth, just as she is over love. When creating the Oshunita Collection, the focus was on attracting love especially attracting love for the self, but Oshunita can also support attracting abundance into your life.

Recho Omondi, Driely Carter, Ritual+Vibe

The Anointing Oil from the Oshunita Collection can be used in money attraction spells. It includes ingredients traditionally used in money spells and abundance attraction, like almond oil, cinnamon, chamomile flowers, ginger, and orange peels.

Money Moves 💸 5-minute Anointing Ritual for Abundance

I typically anoint with the Oshunita Anointing Oil  in two different ways. The first way is by massaging my entire body starting with the feet with the anointing oil. The second way is by rubbing the oil in your hands and dot it around the different energy points of your body.

For the massage anointing ritual, you can start with your feet. Repeat affirmations as you work up from your feet, to your ankles, to your entire legs.

I am supported.
I am thriving.
I proud of myself.
I make lots of money doing what I love.

Move up from your lower body to your entire torso.

I create the reality I want.
I am in mutually supportive relationships.
I attract money.
I am good at managing money.

Move up to your chest, shoulders, and arms.

I love to give.
I love to receive.
Abundance surrounds me.
I am good at protecting my money.
I am good at investing my money.

Massage your neck. When you reach your face, you can begin slowly lighting tapping between your eyes up to the crown of your head, across your eyebrows, down your temples to your jawline, around your mouth, up the bridge of your nose.

My world is filled with everything I need and desire.
I manifest exactly what I want.
I am enough.
I am abundant.
I am.

Make your own anointing oil using the ingredients listed in my original Money Spells post, or purchase the Oshunita Self Love Anointing Oil from the shop!

Have fun, use your intuition & what you got, be safe, and do your research when doing your own thing.  🍀

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