"Mind Yours" 12/12 NU MOON Playlist

"Mind Yours" 12/12 NU MOON Playlist

Happy Holidays, and nu moon, y'all!

I have been sitting on this playlist, but I figure to spread some holiday cheer, and gift it to you now - and keep stuffing that thing up with more goodies as we go. So much new music is coming out, anyway, most of my playlists need to get shown some cheer!

Now, back to business.

Our newest playlist Mind Yours is about just that, minding yours. Sweeping your porch and tending to your garden. 

Honestly, sweeping your own porch is how you can save the world. 

You know the saying, when you point one fingers at others, three more fingers are pointing back at you. As cliche as it sounds, we really can be the change we want to see in the world. It’s amazing when you realize just how mailable reality can be when you are adaptable, yet firm and unwavering. 

Are you being oppressed or do your own beliefs limit you? The answer can definitely be both. But releasing our own self limiting beliefs gives you a lot more power over “oppressors” than you may realize.


Vibe Playlist: Mind Yours

Mind Yours is a collection of smooth R&B that helps you focused on minding your business - minding your emotions, minding your boundaries, minding your inner world. Transforming the world starts from minding your own porch. 

LISTEN NOW: Mind Yours

Mind your own business 

Be the change you want to see in the world.  

Listen now to Mind Your Garden, a playlist of smooth R&B that reminds you to mind you garden. Mind your emotions, your boundaries, and the power of your inner world. Trasform the outer world by starting from within. LISTEN NOW: Mind Yours

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