Shifting Reality 101

Shifting Reality 101

Have you ever felt you are being forced to fulfill your destiny? 

Despite all of the different things you attempt - you keep coming back to your core purpose?

Let me tell you a secret The Secret forgot to mention. You are not the sole creator of your reality, no matter what The Law of Attraction says. There are multiple forces that affect the life you live - from known forces like environmental and societal forces to unknown, ethereal, or other-wordly forces.

This is not news - this is simply a reminder, because we fundamentally know this already. But the new age philosophy has been twisting that fact and I want that to be clear before we go deeper into this work. Your thoughts are electric and spark change, but “your mind” is not the only thing that shapes your reality. 

Yet and still, you are a co-creator of your reality, & a powerful one at that. This post focuses on how you can be more conscious at how you co-create your reality.

When experiencing our reality, we can filter in elements of a very specific timeline. We can choose to experience a path or a timeline that experiences victimhood, suffering, and lack. We can choose a path or timeline that experiences of understanding, overcoming, and abundance. There are different paths, possibilities, or timelines that can lead your to your destiny, depending on how you are able to focus and filter your reality.

Today, I’m going to focus on how to move from a lack-based timeline to an abundance-based timeline. Circumstances can make this transmutation simpler or more difficult, but know this work is possible for most of us with the ability to read this post.


Today’s Ritual: 
To move from the timeline you first find your solid zero point, where you disengage with our immediate surroundings and go within. Meditation is a great way to clear blockages that prevent you from tapping into your true purpose. If you are new to meditation or have difficulty clearing your mind, there are a lot of different guided meditations you can try. I love this one by Maryam Hasnaa.

Then, set a clear intention about the new timeline you want to experience. In this case, it is the abundance timeline. State what you want. I typically pray for the timeline I want. Well, not typically, I do. I am a praying woman. I am not a not “All you need is you and your positive mind light and love” type of girl. I use prayer for this work. 

Now, you ask questions. What does abundance feel like? Beyond money, what does abundance REALLY feel like? How does an abundant person act? How does an abundant person treat themselves? How does an abundance person treat themselves and share their abundance? How good can life get? What does it mean to have in accordance to my greatest good? 
Remember, abundance means to be full until overflowing. It’s not about money; it’s about fulfilling your truest purpose.

I like asking the questions out loud and meditating on each question. Feel the answers. Taste, touch, see, smell, and hear each manifestation of the answers. Allow answers to come to you that are palpable and that you can feel. Immerse yourself completely in this experience. It’s okay if you cry, because it can get overwhelming feeling so much at once - but do not stop feeling. Feel each and every corner of abundance and what that means for you and for your destiny.

The last question you want to ask is How do I manifest or work on this daily? Don’t force an answer - relax into it. Feel the answer. See what it is to be abundant in action. In big ways. In small ways. Record these action steps - big and small. Allow answers to come to you throughout the week, or at times when you need to be abundant in action the most. Add to your list. Each morning and/or each night, listen/recite to the ways you can manifest abundance in action on a daily basis. Fulfill your prophecy as often as you can. Big or small, a miracle is still a miracle. The more miracles you can make happen for yourself and others, the easier it can be. Be full and overflow.

This is the most important step: DOING. Fulfilling. Action. Learning. Follow the action steps that you've set out for your self.

The final step is to hold on to that feeling as well as you can. Try to be abundance in action as well as you can, especially on the days when it is difficult to do. On days that you perceive being abundant is impossible and fulfilling the actions you've set out for your self, start a mental gratitude list. List all of the ways you currently experience abundance. Release immediate thoughts of fear, doubt, or lack by focusing solely on abundance for just a few minutes. For example, if a door slams in your face — be thankful. Be thankful and ask yourself what the lesson was. Do not fall into an experience of lack. Experience loss as a redirection for your greater good. Loss, death, and removal is important for growth. Be grateful for it, even when it’s painful.

Gratitude allows you to hold on to your new timeline you are creating for yourself. ACTION, gratitude and prayer are the fastest ways for me to jump timelines - I have noticed I can jump timelines almost instantaneously when I do just those simple things. 


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I personally get a bit foggy during this work, so I am constantly working on grounding myself immediately after this. I literally start feeling like this world is a dream. (It’s not...not really). I have even been working on perfecting my Focus tea blend and essential oil blend to keep me grounded while I switch out realities. I have a post on staying grounded you can explore here. 

If you believe any timeline you are on will not have lessons or experience pain, you are wrong. Lessons strengthen us, prepare us, humble us, and power us. Hard times are our training grounds. You must fight and persevere through hard times. You must. I’m about love and light ✌🏾 AND that buck and fight 💪🏾.

So many of our thoughts are manipulated by other people and pressures, it is really unfair to say we create our own realities with our minds (on top of so many other factors that affect reality). With that being said, it is good practice to limit television, social media, gossip, mind-numbing music, and self-hate, and the like during this work. This helps you be more in tuned with you and reduce the influence an outsider has on your thoughts.

There are energies that are working against your ability to transmute into new timelines as a black woman. We are powerful that’s why we are constantly being triggered. Our energy is made to create which is why we are often distracted. Through the news, environment, music, beauty standards, television, societal pressures, and more - we are being eaten away at for a reason. If you find yourself in a victim timeline, you must learn to fight. If you find yourself on a overwhelmed timeline, you must learn to protect yourself. 


We are worth too much to give up on experiencing new ways to reach our destiny. I promise the peace is worth the fight. We own the power to create more peace, more abundance, and more light for the entire world doing the work. 

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This was truly everything very informative. You were speaking directly to me. I keep trying to pursue different things all to get pulled back to what I keep dreaming of doing in the first place. It’s like I’ve dreamed of being in this place I have yet to reach due to being distracted and lacking. I need to learn to ground myself for sure.


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