Summer Music Playlist Series: HEAT2000

Summer Music Playlist Series: HEAT2000

Here is a Vibe playlist you can keep cool to!

I hope you enjoy!

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Can you believe it?
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At my dads funeral, my gen z cousins hinted that I’m one of their references when they think of the Y2K aesthetic 🥹 they were lowkey calling my vintage and I laughed bc I had been working on this 2000s summer mix a few weeks ago and stopped bc of dad’s death. 

I wasn't going to share them, but then was reminded that my first time DJing for someone was for my father, and how much he enjoyed it. So in the spirit of my father, who always loved sharing his creations, I hope you enjoy as well!

Included are Volume I and Volume II, and hopefully soon an actual mix will be available. For now, these are great to drive, vibe, smoke, skate, and cook to.

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