Patience Playlist (Affirmative 4: The Present of Patience)

Patience Playlist (Affirmative 4: The Present of Patience)

Slow Down: Patient Playlist



Cheers to the slow cooked moments. 

We live in a world where everything is outsourced, convenient, and rushed. Microwaved insta-culture. Nothing is savored. Everything is juiced and nuked. 

And maybe it's the upcoming Taurus energy I'm feeling, but STEADFAST is the word. You cannot be steadfast living a microwaved life. 

You can only be steadfast by being intentional and patient. Pausing, patience, and silence are required for stamina. Patience prevents carelessness. Patience is the exhale. Patience is the required gestation period 🐎 🏄🏾‍♀️  the foreplay, the beat building n groove being found ⛲️.

You are meant to last.

Rushing through and craving instant gratification means you're impatient, which means you can end up being a liability to yourself. Your emotions become a liability instead of a tool and evaluating feelings. You will burn the rubber out of your tires before you reach the finish line.

There is a more balanced way to approach living a pleasure-filled life.

Patience, self control, discipline, and temperance allows us to use the pleasures of life with mindful intention to maximize their potential.

That steady state.

If you need any help with finding your steady state and activating a space of patience, remember to:

  1. be intentional so you can find the purpose & grace of purpose
  2. eliminate excess, fluff, & distractions so you can find the strength in focus
  3. challenge, stretch, and push yourself to find to power of expansion
  4. & most importantly, breathe. Through your nose until your belly fills with new possibilities.
  5. listen to this sexy ass playlist, bonus points if you do it while massaging yourself with our brand new Ritual Touch Body Butter. 

This playlist is the PERFECT slow down and enjoy the ride playlist. Enjoy this while massaging your body down slowly with our brand new Ritual Touch Body Butter. 

Cultivate gratitude. Cultivate appreciation.

Find the groove.

Get into Your rhythm.

Don’t let them steer you wrong.



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Slow Down: Patient






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