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Healing the Inner Child Meditation

Healing the Inner Child Meditation

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Shadow Work Meditation /


  • 27 Minute Inner Child Meditation
  • BONUS! 21 Minute Meditation for Better Boundaries
  • BONUS! Light & Dark Healing Meditation

The world we live in today is a direct result to a motherless society.

Neglect replaced nurturing. The neglect experienced may cause you to have weak boundaries as an adult or you may struggle to understand or express your emotions.

Abandonment replaced proper guidance. This might cause inner guilt, or even feel like you were never validated. This leads to people pleasing, low self worth, and a need for a lot of external validation. This, in turn, helps you attract those who manipulate and don’t appreciate you.

If you:

  • Attract manipulators and narcissists
  • Have trouble expressing truth
  • Have a lot of excess shame or guilt
  • Have low self esteem
  • Have trust issues 
  • Don't feel safe
  • You have unhealed inner child wounds that need to heal. 

This meditation can be a helpful first step to reconnect to the inner child and start the process of forgiveness, self-validation, self-nurturing, and rebuilding for a stronger foundation.


27 Min

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