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PERIOD (Freebie) Heal Your Womb & Balance Hormones

PERIOD (Freebie) Heal Your Womb & Balance Hormones

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FREE EXCERPT from popular book

PERIOD. Rituals for balancing your hormones and developing a deeper connection with your womb.

For the full book, get it here.

Sample the ebook that explores how to reduce menstrual cramps and develop womb connection.  

+ Eliminate menstrual cramps, hormonal acne, and PMS symptoms 

+ Lose weight naturally WITHOUT unhealthy, deficient crash diets 

+ Enjoy clearer thinking, more energy, and better relationships with yourself and others

+ Control depression, anxiety, and stress

+ Correct imbalanced causes by birth control, unhealthy crash diets, and endocrine disrupters 

+ Heal the womb, heal the world, and love yourself. 

If you suffer from menstrual cramps or just say "I wish I wasn't a woman / I wish I didn't have a period" -- this book is for you. This guidebook is designed to help you learn how to restore a healthy hormone balance with foods & rituals that support womb connection & proper hormone production and detoxification that is in alignment with our uterine & menstrual cycles.


  • 60-page in-depth e-guide with rituals for connecting with the womb
  • Re-education on the menstrual cycle
  • How to eat for your womb (plant-based, pescatarian, and meat eater friendly)
  • How to minimize and eliminate menstrual cramps with hormone balancing foods & supplements 
  • Womb Connecting Rituals & Exercises
  • Period tracking 
  • Bonus! recipes and more!


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